Bonding Application

What can be done with the bonding application (aesthetic filler)?

If the shape of the teeth or their line-up is disrupted or not in proportion to the face, it is possible with an aesthetic filler (bonding application) to increase the length of teeth, correct their position, whiten them, make them symmetric to each other or make them smoother.

What is the bonding application (aesthetic filler)?

Bonding application is the process of shaping only the desired areas without damaging the tooth surface by applying bonding material in the same color as the tooth.

With the bonding application, which is also called composite laminate, it is possible to correct crooked teeth or fractures or interdental spaces, which we call diastema, in only one session. Thus smile aesthetics can be achieved.

Will the bonding application have the same color as my own teeth, will it be visible from the outside?

The aim of the bonding application is to correct crooked teeth, fractures or interdental spaces with aesthetic and functional results, all in only one session. Therefore it is indistinguishable from your own tooth and has the same color and shape.

How long does the bonding treatment (aesthetic filling) last?

Although the usage period is directly proportional to the correct dental care, the average life is of 5 – 10 years. Since composite material is of a water-absorbing structure, it may come to color changes over time. Bonding applications (composite laminate), which becomes darker, can be varnished or replaced with a new one.

Can every patient receive a bonding application (composite laminate)?

Even though it has high aesthetic results, not every case is suitable for composite laminate (bonding application). If the patient has a severe teeth grinding condition called bruxism, the composite laminate material, which holds on to only one surface, can break and fall off. If there is a reverse closure or a tet-a-tet closure of the teeth, the patient is not suitable for a bonding application.

How long does the bonding application (aesthetic filling) take?

In general the application is very short and completed in one session. The amount of the aesthetic filling used for the bonding application depends on the tooth condition and status. The filling, which immediately hardens with the ray, is then smoothed by polishing. No anesthesia is required for this procedure. It is a painless treatment method.

What are the advantages of the bonding application (aesthetic teeth filling)?

Since this treatment is finished in one session, the patient only needs to come once to the clinic. In case it breaks or cracks, for whichever reason, it is very easy to repair. The broken bonding is repaired with a new filling. Thanks to the developing technology, the durability of the composite material is quite good.

What should be observed in oral care after the bonding application?

Good oral care is as, after a bonding treatment, important as always. Not only the right tooth paste and tooth brush are important for the cleaning of the fillings and veneers but also the cleaning of the interdental spaces with dental floss is very important. Intense staining agents such as cigarettes and coffee, which cause staining of the teeth, should be avoided. Food and drinks with high coloring capacity such as tea, coffee, cherry juice, sodas, alcoholic beverages, ketchup and tomato paste should be avoided for some time. Biting hard objects can cause the fillings to break. But the repair of those is very easy.

Is it necessary to exchange amalgam fillings with composite white fillings?

Amalgam fillings may put a shadow on the patients smile because of their different color. Amalgam fillings can put a black shadow reflection on the tooth enamel, which disturbs the smile aesthetics. This is why amalgam fillings may be exchanged with composite white fillings. This way a more beautiful smile design can be achieved with the tooth’s color.

What are the prices for bonding application (aesthetic tooth prices)?

The aesthetic bonding application is compared to other aesthetic treatments much cheaper. The biggest advantage is that it is completed within a short time and doesn’t harm the tooth in any way. Visit us for a free examination to receive prices on bonding application and aesthetic tooth treatments.

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