What is a jaw cyst operation?

What is a jaw cyst operation?

Cavities that are located in soft tissue or bone and that are covered with tissue are defined as “cysts“. They can be recognized by pain or swelling or not recognized at all until they reach large dimensions. They are evaluated with a right clinical examination and radiographic findings. According to the size and region, in which the cyst is located, it must be removed by a specialist maxillofacial surgeon.

What happens if jaw cysts are not removed?

Jaw cysts generally are benign and slow growing formations but if they are not treated in time they can reach large dimensions. They may deform the jawbone and turn into malignant tumors.

Is a jaw cyst surgery a painful procedure?

There is no difference between jaw cyst surgery and tooth extraction or implant treatment. Cysts can be removed painless under local anesthesia. The healing process is successfully completed with medications and controls prescribed by the specialist maxillofacial surgeon. The extracted tissue is then sent to the pathology laboratory. Jaw cyst surgery can be performed painlessly with sedation or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s request and the size of the cyst.

What happens after jaw cyst surgery?

The medications prescribed by the specialist maxillofacial surgeon should be used with caution after jaw cyst surgery. Oral hygiene should be paid attention to and regular checks should be done. Movements that could harm the area that was operated and impacts should be avoided. Some cysts are likely to recur this is why annual check-ups should be done.

What does jaw cyst surgery cost?

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