implant treatment in turkey

What is dental implant treatment?

Implant dental treatment is the placement of artificial teeth into the jawbone to replace one or more lost teeth. They are manufactured from titanium, which has been used for many years and they are fully compatible with the body (bio-compatible) and tissue-friendly. Titanium connects very well to the bone and has a very good durability. After the dental implant is placed it will fuse with the jawbone, which makes it a part of the body that can be used lifelong.

How is dental implant treatment carried out, and what is the treatment process?

Implant treatment is carried out, similar to other treatments (filling, root canal treatment, tooth extraction), under local anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s preference, it can also be performed under sedation. There is no pain during the treatment. Nowadays dental implant treatment is a very easy and painless application.
It takes up to 3 months for the placed implant to fuse with the bone. This duration can vary according to the age and health status of the patient. Patients with inadequate bone structure or patients that underwent sinus lifting or had bone powder applied, may need to wait up to 6 months after the implant. After this time measurements are taken and an implant supported prosthesis is made. If implant dental care is done properly, it can be used lifelong.
The biggest advantage of implant treatment is that the missing teeth are replaced without interfering with the adjacent teeth. When a dental bridge is applied, the adjacent teeth need to be cut. Dental implant treatment does not harm adjacent teeth.
It restores the chewing function and aesthetics of the patient. You can use them like your own natural teeth and smile with confidence.
Dental implant treatment prevents bone loss.

Is dental implant treatment difficult?

Dental implant treatment under local anesthesia is a painless and easy procedure. The use of the prescribed medication after the operation and good oral hygiene will help to complete the healing process in an easy way.

Will my face swell after dental implant treatment? Will I have pain?

Light swelling of the cheek and color change may occur within the first 24 hours but with cold compress application this can easily be overcome. Your specialist maxillofacial surgeon will explain to you the rules you need to observe after dental implant treatment. The suggested pain killers will take the pain that may occur on the first day under control. Smoking during the first two days is not recommended.

What are the advantages of dental implant treatment when compared to dental bridge treatment?

For bridges that are used to correct one or more lost teeth it is required to cut or reduce the teeth in size, which are in front of and behind the gap. But in dental implant treatment it is not required to interfere with the adjacent teeth since only an implant is placed where the missing tooth is, thus the adjacent teeth are not harmed.

What is the best implant brand?

In case of teeth loss you can benefit from implant treatment. The implant fulfills the role of the tooth root and meets the aesthetic and functional needs like a natural tooth. The surface characteristics, technology and design of the implant are very important. An implant that is correctly planned and applied by a specialist maxillofacial surgeon with a good technique and good dental hygiene and regular check-ups after the treatment will make it last a lifetime.
The maxillofacial surgeons in our clinic have been using the most prestigious implant brands with highest and world-wide brand recognition for many years. Implant treatments have a lifetime warranty.

Will a dental implant treatment affect my daily and work life?

If the procedure wasn’t carried out in a large area you generally can resume daily activities and your work and social life on the next day.

 How long is the implant treatment process? When will my teeth be completed?

The duration of dental implant treatment varies according to person but approximately lasts 3 months. During this 3 months we wait for the implant to fuse with the bone, which is then covered with porcelain. In patients with inadequate bone thickness and amount, additional procedures such as bone powder graft or sinus lifting may be required, which extend this duration up to 6 months.

Is the implant treatment suitable for everyone?

If you don’t have an uncontrolled important systemic disease and if you didn’t receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy recently, you can receive an implant treatment. After the examination by a specialist dentist, it is determined whether you have enough bone or not. If not it is possible to create a bone infrastructure with additional procedures (bone dust graft) and then place an implant.

Can I use my implants my whole life?

Good dental hygiene are essential for the lifetime use of the implants. The lifetime of implants are just like normal teeth.

I don’t want to remain toothless for 2-3 months, is it possible to receive temporary teeth or prostheses?

Depending on the patient’s request, it is possible to apply temporary prostheses so you can resume your social and professional life, given the bone and occlusion are of appropriate structure.

Is it possible for patients, who use removable dentures, to receive a dental implant treatment?

Even patients who hadn’t had any teeth for a long time can receive this treatment.
With modern technology it is possible to do an implant treatment in one session if enough bone is present if not, additional procedures such as bone graft, bone dust and sinus lifting need to be done to create bone. After that the patient receives fixed teeth instead of removable dentures.
The use of removable dentures is especially difficult in patients that have missing teeth in the lower jaw. Due to the tongue and cheeks the denture constantly moves while talking and eating. With fixed teeth gained after an implant treatment, you can get rid of these removable dentures and overcome these problems.
With fixed teeth due to an implant treatment is also possible to get rid of the nausea problem, which occurs due to the design of upper removable dentures that cover the palate.

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What are the implant prices in Istanbul?

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