Porcelain Laminate Tooth – Leaf Porcelain Teeth

The word Laminated means leaf. In the dentistry sector it is also known as porcelain laminate, porcelain laminated tooth, leaf porcelain, laminated tooth veneer or leaf porcelain veneer.


What is porcelain laminate – laminate leaf porcelain?

It is a leaf porcelain treatment, which doesn’t harm the teeth and is applied to permanently change the shape, size and color of the teeth. The person can achieve a white, smooth, natural smile in a very short time without any or just very little abrasion (1-2 mm) of the natural teeth.


How many sessions does laminated tooth treatment take?

If you are not receiving any treatment for your gums, the procedure can be completed in 2-3 sessions within 1 week. First the surfaces of the teeth that are to be treated with porcelain laminate are prepared and the teeth measurements are sent to the laboratory. The prepared laminates are tested on the patient in the second session. And according to the liking of the patient they are glued on the front teeth. You will receive a brand new smile within only one week.

How long do the porcelain laminate teeth – leaf porcelain teeth last?

Porcelain laminates can be used for many years if good oral hygiene is observed. Thanks to new technologies and the cad-cam system the leaf porcelains can be produced with only 0.3 mm thickness and maximum light transmittance and strength. Thus the aesthetic appearance is also maximized. They are very resistant to color changes and breaking. In order to extend their lifetime you must observe a good oral hygiene, avoid very hard foods and let go of habits such as clenching-teeth grinding and fingernail biting.


What is the difference between porcelain laminate (leaf porcelain) and porcelain veneers?

Porcelain laminates are porcelain veneers with a thickness of 0.2 – 0.5 mm, which is much thinner than normal porcelain veneers. They are applied with a special glue directly on the outer surface of the teeth without or only cutting them a little bit.

In porcelain veneers the tooth surface must be cut approximately 2mm, after which measurements are taken. Porcelain veneers cover the whole surface of the tooth. Porcelain laminates however cover only the front surface of the tooth.

Which cases are suitable for porcelain laminate teeth – Leaf porcelain teeth?

Porcelain laminates (leaf porcelain) are a good indicator in cases where teeth lengths are shortened or where the enamel is abraded. Cracked and broken enamel can be covered by leaf porcelain and because it has high qualitative light transmittance they will look like natural teeth.

In cases with tetracycline stains, in other words antibiotic stains, tooth whitening (bleaching) is sadly not possible. In such cases porcelain laminate veneer – leaf porcelain can be used to cover these stains.

Whitened teeth may need to be cleaned again over time due to tea, coffee and smoking stains. Patients, who want permanent whiteness may prefer porcelain laminate-leaf porcelain.

Patients with misaligned teeth, those who don’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment or those who don’t have time for braces can prefer porcelain laminates to achieve a beautiful and white smile. Leaf porcelain is also frequently used in covering interdental spaces and treatment of separated teeth.


What are the advantages of leaf porcelain – laminates?

Your treatment is completed within 1 week.

-You can have the teeth in the desired whiteness and shape without disturbing the natural structure of your teeth.

-Their color doesn’t change due to external factors such as tea, coffee, juice or smoking. The porcelain surface is smooth.

-Wear resistance of porcelain laminates against chewing forces is at the maximum level. Since there is no abrasion the aesthetic smile is permanent.

-The natural structure of the teeth and the existing tooth tissue are preserved.

-The probability of gum problems is minimal.


Can everybody receive porcelain laminate – leaf porcelain treatment?

Even though this treatment has high aesthetic results it may not be right to apply it in every case. Some closing problems may prevent a leaf porcelain treatment.

Patients with bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, may constitute a risk for porcelain laminate treatment. If those patients receive porcelain laminate treatment they need to use a protective night guard in order to reduce the force on the teeth surfaces during the night.

In some patients the leaf porcelains may break due to closure problems of their mouth. In other words, in closure problems, also called malocclusions, porcelain laminates (leaf porcelains) may not be suitable. The most appropriate treatment plan should be made by calculating unfavorable conditions with a detailed dental examination and mock-up before treatment.


What are the prices for Leaf Porcelain Teeth – Porcelain Laminate Teeth?

After a detailed examination in the Dentavrasya dental clinic, the prices of the porcelain laminate teeth – leaf porcelain teeth are determined depending on the case. The Turkish Dental Association annually publishes the minimum fee for dental treatment on the Internet. However, these prices don’t include the laboratory costs. The zirconium or leaf porcelain teeth costs of the laboratory are added to the treatment price.


How long do the porcelain laminate teeth last?

Laminates can be used for many years with good dental care. This is because they are made out of porcelain and have superior glue properties compared to other systems. They are very resistant to stains and abrasion. Good dental care is necessary to extend their lifetime. Also habits such as biting very hard food or biting nails should be avoided.


How long does the laminated tooth treatment take?

During the first session the teeth are prepared and measured. During the second session the leaf porcelains are glued onto the tooth with a special glue. If there is a problem with gum levels it might be possible to first create symmetry in the gum levels, which is also called pink aesthetics and is very important in smile design. First the gums are treated. After the gums are healthy their symmetry is checked. The gum levels are the frame of smile aesthetics.


Are laminates easy to clean?

Porcelain laminates are very easy to clean. Since they are applied separately the interdental spaces can be cleaned easily with a tooth brush or dental floss.


Why do porcelain laminates produce more aesthetic results?

Because leaf porcelains are manufactures very thinly, just like the tooth enamel. Before they weren’t manufactured as thin as today and veneers with no light transmittance didn’t result in aesthetic results. But due to developing technology and cad-cam systems it is possible to make them as thin as 0.3 mm, their light transmittance has been maximized and thus the aesthetic appearance has also reached its highest level. Porcelain laminates give the tooth surface a bright and aesthetic appearance.


What should patients with laminate leaf porcelain teeth pay attention to?

Since leaf porcelains are glued onto your permanent teeth, you may need to get used to them. But after maximum one week they will become part of your teeth. Tongue and lips will get used to the new teeth size. The patient will start to eat comfortably and get used to the new smile and appearance. To avoid breakage of the laminates or prevent them from falling off you should chew stone fruits such as pomegranates, plums and cherries with care. Habits such as chewing fingernails, grinding teeth, bruxism, chewing on pencils or biting hard objects should be avoided