Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign (Wireless Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plates)

The Invisalign treatment is a wireless orthodontic treatment of latest digital orthodontics technology.  Thanks to the transparent plaques (aligner) specially designed in 3D digital environment, your misaligned teeth are corrected and it will not be visible that you are undergoing treatment.

The most important reason why individuals prefer orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques, is the fact that the orthodontic treatment is not visible from the outside. Therefore, it is the most preferred type of orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Transparent Braces

Porcelain transparent braces are an alternative solution for those that don’t want to use metal braces. The brackets and braces are transparent and white. Therefore they are almost not seen. They look more aesthetic than metal braces and they can be used easily in the work and social life. Regarding treatment duration there is no much difference between porcelain transparent braces and metal braces.

The durability of porcelain braces is extremely good. Some yellowing of the braces can be seen due to tea and coffee consumption or smoking and the transparent rubbers are exchanged once a month.

Why is the ceramic porcelain transparent brace treatment preferred so much?

The porcelain transparent brace treatment is much more aesthetic than metal braces and thus more preferred. Because of aesthetic concerns that could affect their working and social life, people feel more comfortable with porcelain braces.

We as Dentavrasya Dental Clinic have applied porcelain braces to many patients.

Regarding treatment duration there is no much difference between metal braces and porcelain braces.

Metal braces

The most commonly used orthodontic treatment method are metal braces. They are noticeable because they are metal but they are the orthodontic treatment with the lowest chance of breaking. The treatment is completed in a shorter time compared to other orthodontic treatments. The prices for these braces are a little bit cheaper than those of other orthodontic treatments.

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