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What is smile design or smile aesthetics?

For effective smile aesthetics the teeth must be in proportion to each other and in proportion to the face. There are many parameters that affect this.

  1. The teeth must be sized according to a certain golden ratio.
  2. There mustn’t be interdental spaces.
  3. The gums surrounding the teeth must be symmetrical.
  4. The gums must be visible under the lips at a certain distance while smiling.
  5. The visibility of the teeth must be at the optimum level while smiling.
  6. The teeth must be symmetrical according to the midline.
  7. The gums must be healthy.
  8. Every letter that is spoken must sound right and the phonation must be beautiful.

Who can undergo smile design (smile aesthetics)?

Digital smile design, also called smile aesthetics, examines the lips and gum tissues of the patient in detail. A smile is designed for the patient by examining the shapes, dimensions and positions of the teeth.

Is smile design, smile aesthetics patient specific?

Before every step that is taken to correct the smile of a person on a digital platform one must consider that aesthetics are unique to every person. It is planned according to the persons face ratio and opening of the smile. The color and shape of the teeth, position of the lips and skin color are important factors in smile design.

How is smile design (digital smile design) carried out?

In Smile Design the photographs taken by the dentists are very important. In dental photography, both teeth and surrounding tissues are photographed. For the information to be transferred to the dental laboratory, taking measurements as well as photographs is important for a 3 dimensional smile design. Videos are also taken to examine which parts of the mouth are showing while the patient is talking and laughing in order to determine what can be done with the teeth for optimal facial beauty.

What are pink aesthetics in smile design?

Pink aesthetics include beautiful gums that surround the teeth. Criteria such as symmetrical gum levels and the gum color being light pink, which is a healthy gum color without them bleeding, are the key points evaluated for pink aesthetics. When the smile muscles are fully contracted the smile line appears, where the upper teeth replace the upper lip. It is evaluated how much teeth and pink gums are seen within this smile line.

What is the Smile Line?

The smile line is the intraoral window, which is seen when the patient fully contracts the smile muscles. For the smile line the upper teeth, the lower edges of the lip and the upper gums must be seen in a certain golden ratio. In patients with a deep smile line, the upper gums are visible more than normally. This is called gummy smile. The gummy smile casts a shadow on a beautiful smile, which we don’t want. Patients with gummy smile have many alternative treatment options.

How is gummy smile (too much gum visibility) treated?

Because the upper gums are too visible in patients with gummy smile, the main objective is to reduce the ratio in which the gums are visible. The thickness of the upper lips, muscle tone and crown lengths of the upper teeth are examined for the treatment plan. There are many alternative treatment plans. With gingivectomy the gums can be cut and the gum level can be raised. B0t0x is also a preferred method for gummy smile treatment. By injecting the upper lip muscle with B0t0x it is prevented that it goes up too much so that the gums are not visible while smiling.

Which materials are used in smile design?

Professional photography is undoubtedly of great importance in smile design, especially for the evaluation of facial ratios and oral details. In dental photography, macro shots are performed to assess the position, size and color of the teeth. These photos are taken from different angles. In dental photography, the reflection of the lower and upper jaw tooth arch is taken by using a specially produced intra-oral photo mirror. If necessary, millimeter measurement is performed with special face arches to examine facial ratios. With panoramic films the harmony of the jaw bones and the position and health of the teeth in the alveolar bone are examined. Cephalometric films are used to evaluate the position of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw. As a result of the films and detailed dental examination, a treatment plan for optimal smile is made.

Which treatment methods are used for smile design?

  • Gingivectomy
  • Tooth whitening
  • Bonding application (composite aesthetic fillings)
  • Orthodontic treatment (with or without braces)
  • Implant treatment
  • Zirconium porcelain or porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain laminate applications
  • Pink aesthetics

Which problems does smile design solve?

  • Deformations of teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Whitening of the tooth color
  • Correction of the gum levels
  • Maintenance of gingival health
  • Asymmetrical smile
  • Correction of fractures and cracks on the tooth surface
  • Missing teeth

Are age and gender important in smile design?

Criteria for the optimal smile differ for women and men. Since women have a more oval face, an oval contoured tooth shape is more aesthetic. For men, more sharp-lined tooth forms are planned. Angular formed teeth better reflect the aesthetic difference between genders. Age is also an important criteria in smile design. Because with age a decrease in the facial muscle tone occurs. Corrosion in the enamel layer of the teeth, in other words in the hard tissue, causes the person to lose their self-confidence. The patient becomes afraid of smiling and showing his/her teeth. In order for the patient to regain confidence we recommend a smile design treatment.

Are there differences between men and women in smile design?

The teeth structures of men and women are very different. Because the facial lines of women are more oval, more rounded tooth lines will look more beautiful. Slightly long teeth in the front also affect the aesthetics of women. In men, more masculine, straight tooth curves can be achieved by trying to match the angular lines. As a result, nice aesthetic results are provided when the dental features of both genders are tried to be matched with the facial features.

What are the prices for smile design – tooth aesthetics?

Smile design prices (tooth aesthetic prices) are calculated on a patient basis and differ according to the type of treatment that is to be carried out. For example, implant treatment might be necessary for missing teeth or the patient may only require zirconium veneers. The prices for smile design (tooth aesthetics) are determined after an examination by your dentist.

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