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1-) What is tartar cleaning?

Tartar cleaning is also called as scaling. Tartar is the main reason for gum diseases, gum bleeding and foul breath. In standard tartar cleaning the dentist cleans the tartar and plaque that accumulated on the tooth surface. After that he polishes the teeth with a special polish to remove any stains. He also advises you on how to brush your teeth and how to floss. He provides oral hygiene education.

2-) Is pain felt during dental tartar cleaning?

Tartar cleaning is not a painful procedure. We even apply the treatment on patients with severe fear against dentists since it is easily tolerated and only takes a short amount of time.

How can tartar formation be prevented?

After tartar has formed it can only be cleaned by a dentist. If you brush your teeth correctly twice a day and floss regularly, you can prevent or delay the formation of tartar.

Do the gums bleed during the procedure?

Patients with edema and inflammation of their teeth may experience some bleeding. But this is not to be feared. It won’t continue after the cleaning process. One week after the tartar cleaning the gums will regain their pink healthy color.

How long does tartar cleaning take?

Tartar cleaning takes approximately 30 minutes. Patients with too much tartar may need to come for a second session.

How often should tartar be cleaned?

Tartar is the main cause of gum diseases. Together with this it can also come to gum bleeding, foul breath, discoloration of the teeth and brown stains. It is recommended to visit the dentist every 6 months and get the tartar cleaned if necessary.

Does bad breath and gum bleeding go away?

If you do not have a systemic disease, dental-related gum bleeding and bad breath will pass after the tartar is cleaned.

Does sensitivity occur after tartar cleaning?

In patients with intense tartar and gingival recession it might come to sensitivity of the teeth on the first day after the tartar cleaning. This sensitivity goes away very quickly.

Can tartar cleaning be performed during pregnancy?

The gums are more edematous and prone to bleeding due to hormones during pregnancy. Bleeding may be more than normal but this is not harmful. Preferably, tartar cleaning can be easily made in the third to sixth months.

Are the teeth getting whiter after tartar cleaning?

Stains due to tea and coffee consumption will vanish or get lighter after the tartar cleaning and polishing. But if a lighter color tone is desired we recommended a tooth whitening. With a tooth whitening treatment it is possible to achieve a color that is 4-5 tones lighter than the previous one.

Tartar cleaning prices

The prices for tartar cleaning vary depending on the oral condition of the patient and the amount of tartar. You can contact our clinic to get more information about the tartar cleaning prices at Istanbul Kadıköy Dentavrasya dental clinic.

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