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What is porcelain tooth veneer?

It is the process of covering the tooth completely by using porcelain material in teeth that have lost substance due to various reasons. Porcelain tooth veneer doesn’t harm the tooth and extends its life.

Do veneers damage the teeth?

No, in the contrary. The porcelain veneers extend their life. It is a protective application.

What is the difference between porcelain tooth veneers and a porcelain bridge?

Porcelain veneers are applied on a single tooth. A porcelain bridge is the process of reducing neighboring teeth in size in order to transform them into bridge pillars to correct at least one tooth deficiency. Thus missing teeth are replaced.

What are porcelain tooth veneers with metal base?

Porcelain is a sensitive material. Thus they need a strong base material. Although the metal-supported porcelain tooth veneers made of metal alloy are still the most commonly used treatment, it may eventually produce a gray reflection in the gum. In such cases, zirconium tooth veneer treatment is recommended in esthetically important areas.

What are porcelain tooth veneers with zirconium base?

Alternatively to metal supported porcelain veneers there is zirconium based porcelain veneer, which provides high aesthetic results. Zirconium tooth veneers are very resistant to the chewing force and delivers satisfying aesthetic results. Thanks to its light transmittance, zirconium veneers are the best alternative to natural teeth. It captures the natural appearance of the tooth.

How many sessions are required for porcelain veneers?

The procedure is completed in 2-3 sessions. During the first session the dentist cuts and makes measurements. In the second session the specially produced porcelain veneers or bridges are tried out on the patient. According to the liking of the patient, the veneer is then cemented and adhered in the mouth. During the laboratory stage the patient mustn’t be left without teeth. Temporary teeth are applied during the first session with the taken measurements. This way the patient is sent home with temporary teeth. The teeth are cut with the cad-cam system and after 2-3 hours the permanent porcelain teeth are finished and the veneers are applied within the same day.

What are the prices for a porcelain veneer treatment?

The prices of porcelain veneer depend on the preferred type of porcelain. To receive information on zirconium tooth veneer prices and porcelain tooth veneer prices you can visit us for a free examination or call us under 0216 362 77 77.

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