Orthodontic Treatment Braces Options

What is metal brace treatment?

Metal braces are the most commonly used orthodontic treatment. They are noticeable because they are metal but they are the orthodontic treatment with the lowest chance of breaking. The treatment is completed in a shorter time compared to other orthodontic treatments. The prices for these braces are a little bit cheaper than those of other orthodontic treatments.

Why should I chose metal braces?

Braces with metal breackets are the orthodontic treatment with the lowest chance of breaking or rupturing. They give faster results than other braces.

What distinguishes metal braces from other braces?

  • They are more economical than other braces.
  • It is the fastest orthodontic method.
  • The braces have only a low chance of breaking and are very robust.
  • They can be applied to patients of any age.

How long does the metal brace treatment take?

The metal brace treatment gives faster results in comparison other treatment options.

The duration of a metal brace treatment varies from patient to patient and generally takes 1-2 years. After a dental examination your dentist will decide on the best orthodontic treatment, which is specially planned for you.

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