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What are zirconium veneers?

It is a texture-friendly white ceramic (porcelain) alloy used as a substitute for gray metal as the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and veneers. For a more aesthetic smile zirconium is frequently preferred: It offers a more natural and realistic appearance than metal-supported porcelain veneers. It is the closest treatment alternative to natural teeth with its light transmission and durability.

It is also called zirconium veneer, zirconium tooth and zirconium crown.

When are zirconium veneers applied?

In patients with severe discoloration or antibiotic discoloration that cannot be corrected with procedures such as tooth whitening, zirconium tooth veneer is used in smile design to achieve a more natural look. Zirconium tooth veneer has a white color, is heat resistant, is closest to natural teeth and is a texture-friendly porcelain veneer option for patients with metal allergy.

In patients, who don’t prefer orthodontic treatment, zirconium tooth veneer is used in smile design.

It is also preferred for situations such as diastema treatment

Misaligned teeth treatment

Restoration of teeth with excessive substance loss

Filled discolored and structure-damaged teeth

In patients that undergo the Hollywood smile treatment

Single veneer restorations

Long bridges

Implant supported porcelain veneers

And for the front teeth that are always aesthetically visible.

What are aesthetic advantages of zirconium teeth?

The structure of natural teeth completely transmits light. Since light transmittance of metal porcelain veneers is low, they create an opaque appearance. This makes the teeth appear artificial. Thanks to the light transmittance of zirconium veneers the natural appearance of teeth is achieved and a very natural realistic image is obtained. They aesthetically meet high expectations.

How is the harmony between zirconium tooth treatment and gums?

Zirconium veneer treatment is tissue friendly. It’s harmony with gums is very good. The purplish discoloration or black color reflection of the gum region, which is seen in some cases of metal tooth coatings, is never seen. It doesn’t cause gum bleeding or gingival recession. Natural teeth are imitated and the aesthetic appearance is very high. The treatment can be easily applied in patients with metal allergy. It doesn’t cause any taste changes in the mouth.

Do zirconium teeth become yellowish or discolored over time?

Due to their full porcelain structure they are smooth. They don’t get affected by factors such as tea, coffee or smoking.

What is the lifetime of zirconium veneers?

With regular dental check-ups it is possible to use zirconium veneers for many years. You may use them for many years with regular check-ups. They need to be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth.

How is the zirconium veneer treatment process?

The treatment is finished in 2-3 sessions. The teeth are reduced in size a little bit, like in other porcelain veneer treatments, and then measured. In the laboratory the zirconium veneers are produced according to the color of the natural teeth. After the fitting they are glued on. You may use them like your own natural teeth.

What is the difference between zirconium veneers and normal porcelain veneers?

Zirconium veneers are in fact some kind of porcelain veneer. There are 2 kinds of porcelain veneers. One is metal based. Due to increased aesthetic expectation in metal based porcelain veneers and to increase the quality of the aesthetic results, zirconium based porcelain veneers were developed.  Metal is used as supporting material in metal based porcelain veneers. But because zirconium is more robust and aesthetic it was preferred instead of metal.


Will I feel pain during the zirconium tooth treatment?

The teeth are anesthetize with local anesthesia, this is why no pain occurs during the treatment. During the fitting temporary teeth are prepared, which will help you to overcome the whole process without problems. Your treatment will then be completed within 1 week.

Are zirconium porcelain veneers more robust than metal based porcelain veneers?

With the latest technology zirconium porcelain veneers have become as robust as metal based porcelain veneers. Good dental care and regular dentist check-ups will enable you to use them for many years.

Is there an age limit for zirconium porcelain veneers?

No there is no age limit. It can be done in every age. But the cases have to be evaluated first. For this a detailed examination is necessary.

What are the prices for zirconium veneers?

For detailed price information for zirconium veneers you can call our clinic or make an appointment for a free examination to receive a price from out specialist dentists.

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What is important before and after the zirconium veneer treatment?

Which veneer option is more suitable for your porcelain veneer treatment will be determined after a detailed examination by our prosthesis specialist. After that your treatment will be concluded within 1 week and 10 days. After a porcelain veneer treatment you should pay attention to your oral hygiene. You need to brush your teeth twice a day and use dental floss every day.

Single-tooth zirconium veneer

Zirconium veneers, porcelain laminate (leaf porcelain) or metal based porcelain veneers are options for single-tooth veneers, which are completed in a short time.

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