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What is Invisalign; Orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques (without braces)?

The Invisalign treatment is a wireless orthodontic treatment of latest digital orthodontics technology. Thanks to the specially designed transparent plaques (aligner), your misaligned teeth are corrected and it will not be visible that you are undergoing treatment. The most important reason why individuals prefer orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign transparent plaques, is the fact that the orthodontic treatment is not visible from the outside. Lately it is the most preferred type of orthodontic treatment.

Will I be able to see the outcome of treatment before the orthodontic treatment with the transparent plaques?

Yes. You can see the result of your treatment in a three dimensional virtual environment before the orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques. Once your treatment plan is created in a virtual environment, you can see the outcome of the treatment in 3D.

How do the transparent plaques (treatment without braces) correct the teeth?

Thanks to the transparent plaques (aligner), which are specially designed in digital environment, the teeth move according to the desired position. The plaques are inserted for 10 days according to the sequence number and then switched.

Can everybody undergo orthodontics treatment with transparent plaques?

If you are suitable for an orthodontics treatment with transparent plaques will be determined after an examination. Teeth that are moderately and mildly misaligned can be treated with transparent plaques.

What are the advantages of transparent plaques?

The plaques used in this treatment method are nearly invisible, which is why they are widely preferred. Besides being aesthetic, they have many advantages.

  • You can remove the plaques on special days (wedding, meetings, job interview, photo shoot) and insert them later to resume the treatment.
  • There are no restrictions in food. You can eat everything and continue your treatment. You can remove the transparent plaques while eating and drinking.
  • The use of tooth brushes and dental floss is much easier than with other orthodontic treatments. You can just remove the plaques and resume your oral hygiene.
  • In comparison to other braces these plaques have the advantage that they don’t break or have wires that could prick you.

How often do I need to come to the controls during wireless orthodontic treatment (transparent plaque treatment)?

The controls are once a month. Each time you come your dentist will provide you with 2 new transparent plaques. These plaques are exchanged every 15 days during the treatment.

How long do I have to wear these plaques?

You must wear the plaques daily 20-22 hours. It is recommended that you remove them while eating or drinking hot beverages. If you have an important meeting or something like a wedding photo shoot, you can take them out for 3-4 hours.

Is the Invisalign treatment the same as the transparent plaque (orthodontic treatment without braces) treatment?

Yes, the Invisalign is the transparent plaque treatment. With advancing technology, it has become one of the most preferred orthodontic treatments.

Will the transparent plaque in my mouth be noticeable?

According to the feedback of our patients, nobody even notices the transparent plaques in the mouth. Our patients reported that they can smile without hesitation and are very comfortable with them.

Will my treatment be shorter with normal braces or transparent plaques (orthodontic treatment without braces)?

Transparent plaques can be applied in cases with moderate or mild misalignments. Thus the treatment is shorter. The treatment process and duration varies from case to case.

Can I start my transparent plaque treatment immediately?

Before starting a treatment with transparent plaques the tartar on the teeth and all caries must be cleaned. This is important so that no problems occur during the treatment process. .

Can too much tea and coffee consumption and smoking discolor the transparent plaques?

Too much tea, coffee or cigarettes can give the transparent plaques a yellowish color. But even if they get discolored they are replaced by new ones every 15 days, so you will continue your treatment with clean plaques.

What are the prices of transparent plaques (orthodontics treatment without braces)?

The treatment with transparent plaques is a little bit more expensive then the treatment with normal braces. You can call our clinic for information about the prices of transparent plaques or visit our clinic for a free analysis to receive a more accurate price information.

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