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Dent Avrasya | Dental Clinic in Turkey

Why pay for a fortune for a dentist when you get the same service at half the rate?

Turkey is certainly among the top  medical tourism destinations of the world. Turkey is for sure the best choice for dental travel abroad. Are you willing to pay over £1000 for mere veneers or £30,000 for getting a typical Hollywood smile? Certainly not! Turkey is for sure the best choice for dental travel abroad.

Dentavrasya Dental Clinic offers high standard dental services, at competitive pricing than the  Europe and United States. If you have intentions of vacations, we provide an enchanting environment with the state of art technology in dentistry.

Dental treatments can result in savings of up to 60%- 70% as compared to what they are costing in the US and in Europe. Prices of dental treatments in Turkey are more than reasonable compared to Western European countries and the United States.

The warmth and hospitality of its people is famous around the world. The difference in cost between medical treatment in e.g. the UK and that in Turkey is between 60%-70%.

You can get the same material in Turkey for the friction of the price. It is possible to save up to % 60-70 percent of the treatment costs.

Dent Avrasya | Dental Clinic in Turkey

How many days do I need?

You can consult with our patient coordinators or one of our dentists to learn how long your dental treatment will take, in order for you to make vacation plans in advance. Most treatments take 7 days which includes 3 appointments at the clinic. Uncomplicated treatments like professional tooth whitening can be completed on the same day. Cosmetic Procedures like Dental Crowns or Dental Veneers take 7 days. If you require surgical treatments, such as implants, you will need to visit Turkey twice or thrice depending on your condition.

Our patient coordinators can walk you through the process. We also offer free VIP airport transfer, Upon arrival, you will have a driver waiting at the arrivals terminal to take you to your holiday resort or to the Clinic.


Istanbul is famous for  touristic and historic places that you can visit while you are having your dental treatment. Your treatment schedule will be arranged carefully to give you some time to explore the city. Turkey has a history that dates back to 7500 BC. Turkey is now a well developed country with a strong economy and a large number of impressive modern buildings.

Istanbul was the third most visited city in Turkey in 2012, a modern city with a historical twist on every corner it is not hard to see why!


You can always find direct flights from all European countries to Istanbul all year. For cheap flights and holiday packages please contact us.Dentavrasya Dental Clinic offers the highest standard of treatment with clinic and doctors. Patients can rest assured knowing that highly qualified  dentists and their staffs will be there for you throughout your treatment.

Value for Money

You get more for your money in Turkey! The value of the Turkish Lira to the Pound, Euro or Dollar is exceptional. When you holiday in Turkey your money goes a lot further. Prices are low for food, drink, leather goods and everything else…


English is the second language in Turkey so communication is easy. The Turkish people are also very friendly and love the idea of Tourism so you will be welcomed with open arms and in most cases offered a cup of Turkish tea, even when out shopping!

We offer:

  • Advise on every aspect of your travel including flights, hotels and travel insurance
  • Free transfers to and from the airport, hotel and clinic
  • The best consultation on your teeth
  • Expert advice from the best in the business
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray
  • Comprehensive Guarantee for all dental restorations
  • Reception by our Professional Dental Team
  • Meeting with doctors prior to the treatment
  • All queries answered before the commencement of treatment