Implant Supported Prostheses


What are pink aesthetics – gum aesthetics?

In Smile design the right proportion of the hard teeth tissue is not enough. The soft tissue surrounding the teeth must also be healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Pink aesthetics covers the health and symmetry of gums.

What is the effect of pink aesthetics on the smile?

The correction of the gum levels gives the smile an integrity. Because the phenomenon that we call the smile is not just composed of teeth. The visible gum areas are determined with a smile analysis. If the teeth are to be coated, it is possible to achieve the desired posture with pink porcelain on crowns. Pink porcelain veneers can be applied on the tooth crowns that are close to the gums.

What is gum Botox (gummy smile Botox) for people with too much visible gum?

In some people their gums are more visible when they smile. These people can experience aesthetic problems. This problem can be easily solved with a simple surgical procedure called gingivectomy or other even easier treatment methods. With a 5-minute gum Botox treatment (gummy smile Botox) you will be able to get rid of this appearance.

In which cases are pink aesthetics required?

Gum diseases

Gingival recession cases

In cases where the tooth crown sizes are too long

In cases where the gums show too much when smiling (gummy smile)

In cases where the root surfaces is exposed or where the teeth are abraded and sensitive.

How can gummy smile treated with gum aesthetics?

Too much exposure of the gums while smiling is a condition that casts a shadow on a beautiful smile. Gums that are too visible can be shortened with a procedure called gingivectomy. In very few cases, stitched flap operation may be required. It is also possible to shorten the gums with a laser treatment. If there is no need to intervene with the gum levels, gummy smile Botox gives very fast results. Botox restricts the upper lip so it cannot go up too much, which results in the exposure of less gum.

What is gingivectomy gum aesthetics (gum aesthetics with laser)?

Gingivectomy gum aesthetics corrects the gum contours as required, physiologically shapes the gums and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The gums are aligned and a more beautiful smile is designed.

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