Do you plan to have dental treatment such as teeth implants, veneers, prosthodontic or orthodontic treatment and teeth bleaching? Then, you need to have a visit to a professionally known and certified dental clinic which ensures you with every aspect of diagnosis and operations. With its publicly certified dental clinics, high technology use and cost-effective programs, Turkey offers the best solutions to dental patients.

In this article, you will find how to select the most appropriate dental clinic in Istanbul, the benefits of Turkey as a medical tourism venue for dental care searchers and the most popular dental treatment procedures. Let’s start with the initial tips to check the expertise of a dentist in Turkey.

Professionally Equipped Turkish Dentists

Dental education is a strictly controlled medical field at higher education level in Turkey. Faculties of Dentistry offer five-year degree programs blending theoretical courses, practical trainings and compulsory internship periods. Both degree programs and specialization education forms are planned, directed and controlled by Turkish Higher Education Council. Even these well-managed learning stages are not found sufficient by the system to become a fully certified dental specialist. Their appointments and specialization areas are regulated by national legislation as well as strictly monitored procedures of the Ministry of Health. Thus, dentists in Turkey keep up self-training and adaptation to innovative approaches during their careers. Both oral surgeons and cosmetic dental surgeons are all members of the Turkish Association of Dentists and get fully certified by on their sub-branches also via annual conferences and trainings. This means that the medical system in Turkey ensures you to have at least up-to-global-standards and in most cases, superior-level dental treatment and care.

Accredited Dental Clinics for Medical Tourism

When you consider about the benefits of having implants in Turkey or other complicated treatments like maxillofacial surgeries, you should take into account the infrastructure of clinics, Similar to their specialists, dental clinics in Istanbul are also challenging for their quality. The settings hosting in-patients and services delivered are subject to national regulations. This control provides high quality care, expertise on each dental application and the use of emerging technologies.

The accreditation of dental clinics in Turkey reinforces their power to get ready for medical tourism. Accreditation granted by the Ministry of Health covers not only the framework of dentistry but also the full service and infrastructure of dental clinic to maintain comfort of local and international patients during stay.

Hi-Tech Use in Dental Implants and Veneers

The emerging technology utilized by an accredited clinic usually includes panoramic X-ray screening, in-clinic CAD/CAM milling machines and intra-dental scanning technologies. For dental veneers and implants, smile design software is used to have a full-face simulation before the application. For complicated oral surgeries, 3D Tomography and soft tissue laser are also used at diagnosis and operational levels. Laminate veneers in Turkey use high-quality outsourced porcelain materials integrated by the expertise of technical-dental staff who take precise measurements of patient’s teeth and jaw structure.

Fully Performing Dental Team of Specialists

A qualified dental clinic in Turkey performs all the required treatment modules needed for patient’s health. Fully-equipped dental centers have a team of professionals comprising prosthesis experts, oral surgeons and cosmetic dentists supported by dental technicians and clinic staff. Teamwork makes you save time and effort to schedule your visit, diagnosis and treatment steps at once. Either you need restorative dentistry or sinus lifting and bone grafting, the professional team diagnose that via full-consultation of their professionals. Dent Avrasya supervisors remark that the opportunity of working as a consultation team increases the success rate of critical operations up to 95% by minimizing the risk of erroneous tasks to 5%.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Dental Care

Turkey climbs up the stairs of global tourism popularity among international competitors. According to a US-based travel research Turkey stands as the fourth most-travelled destination for medical tourism. This is a result of Turkey’s distinction by saving up to 50-65% of the budget for an American if s/he plans to have dental care. Turkey veneers prices are also noteworthy for their low-costs compared to many EU countries such as France, Germany, UK and Netherlands. Regarding the low currency, dental veneers in Turkey attract outbound patients, especially from the Western Europe, where dental care is partially or totally excluded by healthcare insurance.

Privilege of Patient-Focused Approach

International patients get the privilege of having dental implant in Turkey on a cost-effective and time-saving basis. As the operations need tight monitoring and several visits to have surgical extractions, implant operation and dental reformation, clinics may offer varying benefit packages. For example, Dent Avrasya approach guarantees up to 70%-cost-saving via its trip-scheduling packages. Those packages include international patients’ travel at arrival, luxury-stay in Istanbul for the duration of dental treatment and departure to airport. The package clearly presents the brand names of materials to make lifetime guarantee possible. Patient’s smiling face and satisfaction is the ultimate goal drawn by the patient-focused approach.