How would you feel about the idea of being a tourist in a city and having an implant treatment? You can get an implant treatment in Istanbul which is Turkey’s most touristic city of the enchanting beauty while living unique historical monuments and magnificent flavors. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to Turkey for medical treatments. People from all over the world get implant treatments offered by dental clinics in Istanbul during their trips. The first reason being the primary choice for implant treatments in Turkey is the reasonable prices of luxury treatments with high-quality products. While the implant treatment process is planned, patients have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in the city and stay in beautiful hotels. They start historical, cultural and cuisine tours in Istanbul during treatment or as soon as they complete their treatments.

What is Dental Holiday?

If your goal is to travel around the country and to treat your teeth, you are looking for a dental holiday. In a dental holiday system, you get dental treatments while enjoying your stay in the city as a tourist. Dental Holiday services are provided by the Dental Clinic in Turkey. You both enjoy the holiday and receive the necessary treatment for your teeth with your expenses being 70% less. The time required to treat your teeth varies depending on your dental structure and what you want. Your holiday period will also include the period during which the treatment is ongoing. You can contact us immediately to find out the duration and the cost of the dental implant treatment to be applied. You will start planning your holiday from the moment you reach a consensus on dates when it is time to start your dental treatment. Then, you will fly to Turkey and taken to your clinic with VIP vehicles scheduled by the hotel. Prior to that, the clinic will ask for your X-ray films and other tests, if any. This makes your process even faster. However, some analyses and imaging may also be needed to be done at the clinic. During your entire treatment process, you can minimize your stress by participating in the spa and massage treatments at your hotel in line with your doctor’s recommendations.

How Does the System Work?

There are many dental clinics in Turkey that are approved by the Ministry of Health. As the tooth and jaw structure is different for each patient, apart from a general perspective, the patient’s mouth structure should be seen. At this point, it is important to ask whether the clinic you are contacting has documents approved by the Ministry of Health. After contacting such a clinic, the clinic would want to see your smile. Just send a few smiling photos of yours to the clinic. Next, what you need and the duration of treatment are determined. Things to do in this period and total price are determined. In this meeting, you can learn the prices and compare Turkey veneers prices. Some dental clinics also offer you hotel options. However, a package fee is not required; you make your payments to the clinic and the hotel separately. Before this entire program is launched, the clinic will assign you a patient coordinator. Your coordinator will advise you when you plan your treatment, your hotel, and your flight dates.

What is Implant Treatment?

In an implant treatment, tooth roots are made by placing special alloy metal screws in empty spaces. A suitable thread is putting on the screw. If you have missing teeth in your mouth, this means that you are missing both in your digestion and in your smile. Implant treatment is a very important treatment in terms of health and aesthetics. Digestion begins in the mouth and the breakdown of large nutrients occurs through the teeth. If these nutrients cannot be broken down completely, they cannot be digested enough in the stomach and intestines. The important vitamins, minerals, and fibers that the body needs are not fully taken. Large pieces of nutrients become smaller with the effect of stomach acid but reach the intestines before they can be fully synthesized. This leads to constipation. Therefore, a deficiency in the teeth means the disruption of the entire digestive system. So, it is important that your teeth are complete and all are healthy. You can complete your missing teeth with a bridge treatment method or implant treatment method. However, in bridge construction, solid teeth may also need to be shaved and cut in order to fit the bridge properly. This is not the case in implant treatment.

What are Implant Treatment Methods in Dent Avrasya?

It is important to determine the tooth structure and needs before clinical evaluation. For this, your teeth and jaw photos are requested and preliminary decisions are made. You can speed up your work by going to the clinic to make these preliminary decisions. Medical decisions to be made in the clinic will also determine the treatment costs. Your treatment is possible in Dent Avrasya even if you have no teeth. In patients with complete tooth loss and excessive bone loss, an “all in four” implant technique is applied to fix the temporary prosthesis on the same day. With this technique, faster success is achieved with short recovery time. First of all, a radiological examination is performed by a specialist maxillofacial surgeon and the planning is completed. Implementation starts immediately after the completion of the planning. In the first session, implants are placed. After 3 months, a temporary dental prosthesis is removed and a permanent dental prosthesis is placed. In addition, if you have a low bone in the upper jaw, sinus lifting is performed first. Bone dust is applied at the same time and the application area is increased. After increasing the bone volume, you may need to wait for 3 to 5 months for the implant. In addition to implant treatment, you can also have a laminate veneer treatment. While visiting the fascinating Istanbul, call our clinic for affordable and best quality dental implants in Turkey.