Dental care needs a professional approach that is particularly designed to diagnose and cover the needs of the patient. Considering the degree and type of operations, dental problems may vary from jaw joint diseases to canal treatments, from implant support to cosmetic and veneer requirements. Some of them can be treated simultaneously or in a chain of treatment visits in order to get the full result. All of these are achieved via expertise of dental staff, collaborative work of clinic and laboratory and by the help of recent technologies. Laminate veneers, which show themselves as white coating bonded to natural but imperfect teeth, become one of the most popular practices performed by dentists in Turkey.

You can check our guide to see four tips on how to arrange a successful appointment to get superb-looking laminate veneers.

When do you need to have dental veneers?

Teeth enamel can be discolored through aging, alcohol and smoking effect. If tooth bleaching is not recommended due to tooth sensitivity, dental veneers become an alternative. Chipped teeth, being medically unproblematic at all, are possible to be repaired by composite veneers. Patients who suffer from disorderly aligned teeth or would like to remove gaps are recommended to try veneers, as alternative to orthodontic braces. Damages on tooth enamel during an accident, sport activity or just by a brutal attack are repaired by laminate treatment.

In fact, if you consider dental veneers in Turkey, you will see the majority of cases are reasoned by the desire for a beautiful smile. Some people naturally have very small or short teeth and this innate formation causes some chewing problems as well as unattractive facial look. Most of them find laminate veneers as an excellent source for a nice smile line. The solution is to visit a qualified dentist in Turkey to take full consultation on your medical situation and choose the right option from implant, veneer, prosthetic or orthodontic treatments.

What kind of materials do they use in veneer and implant treatments?

A fresh look is simply provided by perfectly aligned, whitish bright teeth allowing a charming smile. Laminate veneers bring about that effect to you while maintaining your dental health. To make it real, you can choose porcelain or composite materials for your veneer. Both have pros and cons as the former has twice longer lifetime than the latter while supporting strong chewing movements. Yet, porcelain composition is less economical and needs more visits to dentist than composite materials. That is because porcelain coating needs person-specific measurements and mastery in structuring. In addition, porcelain is stain-resistant and natural-looking, because of its translucent character.

Composite veneers are also recommendable as they need less effort and time for application. They are widely used as coating tooth on a dental implant in Turkey. Composite is more affordable than porcelain and does not need to replace your natural enamel. It may be seen as a temporary tooth but it can be used up to five years. Thus, if you wish a smile like a Hollywood celebrity, zirconium or e-max laminate veneer has the key for your transformation.

How affordable are laminate veneers in Turkey?

Laminate veneers and implants are sometimes accepted complementary and sometimes substituting practices in dentistry. Certainly, the case depends on the patient’s mouth structure, teeth alignment and the preference. It is possible to say that implants in Turkey have lower costs for international patients as the currency offers challenging rates compared to Euro and USD. Without sacrificing high-quality in implant materials, you can save up to 50% in operations.

The situation is not different for veneer costs. Compared to implants, Turkey veneer prices offer even much more affordable choices. Comprising porcelain material, laminate veneer represents long-lasting and endurable category of its type. In contrast to estimations, laminate veneers in Turkey would save up to 55% if you didn’t have to get the same treatment in Germany or France.

How do I choose a dental clinic in Turkey?

Qualifications of a dental clinic in Turkey are closely and continuously monitored by public bodies. Turkish Ministry of Health regulates appointments of dentists in Turkey as well as standards of workplace environments. Professional organizations such as Turkish Association of Dentistry control medical practices of clinics and dental staff regarding ethical requirements. These standards enhance the quality of both dental and administrative practices and help patients’ full satisfaction of the result.

Internationally qualified dental clinics usually have in-house labs to support the measurement, structuring, trial and application processes during laminate veneer treatments. It is also a benefit for patients of both dental implants and veneers to be in hands of an experienced team. Collaboration of oral, cosmetic and prosthetic surgeons increase the success rate to 90% as each takes a specific role at a different step of your treatment.

Selecting a well-known dental clinic in Istanbul which has an accreditation for medical tourism doubles your benefit. While getting your dental treatment in a globally-known environment, it also creates a fascinating vacation opportunity in Turkey. If you date an appointment to a qualified dental clinic in Turkey, you won’t trouble to arrange every detail of your trip. They manage all details of your treatment and visit plan on your behalf and let you feel the ease. Close your eyes for awhile, dream your new attractive smile and just call the International Patients’ Service to manage your smile makeover in Turkey.